Rest of Chapter 2, Pirates of Mars

Two weeks after leaving Mars orbit Silvanus gave some new and unexpected orders. The standard pirate run was to slingshot around Mars and the head for the belt. If possible, head toward the main UN station at the dwarf planet Ceres and try for a water hauler going to Jupiter or a mining ship on a hold over transfer. The area was heavily patrolled by the UN and was getting harder and harder to snag a ship. “Okay boys and girls, it is time to start and earn your pay. Octavia, please confirm communication and radiation silence. Also Goldhammer, time to break out the blinders, I want to break our engine profile even more. Also take off the first set of restrictions on the nuclear engines, I want to go to 150% standard power an hour after we change course. If you look at this plot you can see the zone of patrols by the UN, we will adjust to course alpha 12 and once we boost speed we can take a shot here, at the InterDonladson mining ship, Profit Miner 2.” Looking around the room he could slowly see each of the start to grasp what he was suggesting. “Yes Aurelius, you have something to say?”

“I like it, the Miner 2 only had one upgrade a few years back, if we can boost to 150% then might be able to snag it. We will need to board, but my concern would be the UN patrols, they might try to slow us down or cause more damage if we are running close to the patrol line.”

“Agreed of course, that is why we have two reactors, Goldhammer you will engage the second reactor, then divert all power to the main engines from reactor one, as you have planned, I think we need to hit 170%, this should make us faster than the UN ships.”

“Do we have an updated crew list for them, any surprises on there?” asked Julia Kamakura clearly starting to warm to the idea.

“Our newest reports show InterDondalson is running very tight margins. They have added some more point defense weapons but cut the crew by two more. The crew as listed was thirteen, including three people transferring back to the belt from Jupiter. The ship is designed to be run by a crew of five,” answered Octavia. She gathered and collected as much information on everybody and everything she could about shipping.

“Thirteen is a large number to feed and keep hostage, I assume we are not going to kill them all?” asked Aetius.

“No, we are not going to kill them, we will try and use the escape pods, we will direct them at the UN ships and hope they slow down to pick up prior to chasing us,” said Lucius, now relieved that the senior staff was looking forward to the fight but also cautious about it.
“Ok Boss, how do you want to play it?” asked Julia.

“I am glad you asked Julia, it’s simple, we will run silent as we can, in about 2 hours we will change course and head to our first waypoint. Severus can you bring up the course?” Soon on the holo display in the center of the blood red table course alpha 12 showed. “As you can see it is a little more complicated than a simple shot. We have four major waypoints. At each of these we will change course based on our updated info. If we are detected then we might need to chase something else. If all goes right then we will give us a chance at a few different ships. If we look at the projected display we can take a chance on around 12 ships. There are of course more, but these will be in a patrol zone or very large. If we look at Profit Miner 2 and advance our course we will see that we have a few days for our window before the Brazil will start to interfere. I want to try and board her. Paul will lead the attack and with the support of nine others should be able to handle it. You good with that?”

“Sounds fine for now, it will depend on their course as you know. Once we get closer we can work the details out. I would like to start studying the Profit Miner layout if that is ok?”

“I will have you, Cicero and Kamakura review it and come up with something. I have some ideas but want to see yours. Also Aetius I know you will anyway, so go ahead, say one week and we can review. The plan will need to be flexible based on our approach.”

“Well, sir, if there is nothing else for me, I would like to get to the engines and set the blinders,” said Goldhammer.

“Sure thing Goldhammer, I will catch up with you later,” responded Lucius Silvanus, “for the rest of you I think that will be good, I will address the crew in a few hours once we make the change.”


“Hey Paul, how is the training going, we recently passed the second waypoint, we have not picked up any additional movement by any of the ships out there,” said Lucius

“Well, that is good news, as you can see Captain we have made good use of the inbuilt training bay. I am still surprised we have one on a ship this size, but I like it. We have a few different areas to match the major pieces of the Profit Miner 2. Most of the internal spaces are very close as is common. These include the bridge, sleeping area and lounge. The engineering and access bay is along a small semi pressured corridor. We can breathe the air, but it is cold, so suits will still need to be worn at all times. The combat suits will work well, the armor is a little light in some areas, but since they are not a bulky we can move better. In addition, as you know the corridors are extra large to allow easy access by the miners so we should be able to easily move.”

“Good, I see you have some basic external hatches to get into.”

“Yes, we have three, our info shows each is different. Our current plans are to attack the two main entry points. We are not sure the status of the third. Rumor is they are expensive to maintain so it might be in bad shape.”

“Well, they can be expensive, I know, since I just bought a few, but if you have general maintenance then it is not so bad. I think I would agree on the third point, but might be good to consider a forced entry since it is on a separate branch.”

“We are already looking into it.”

“Good, I also hear you are working with Hammer on a basic repair kit as well.”

“Yes, we are, if we need to tow, then we will have some clamps set aside for us. Goldhammer has also set two care packages up so once we know more, we can easily pick one. Each member of the team is trained on all equipment. A few of the boys are even taking extra shifts in engineering. I never expected them to be so willing.”

“I am a little surprised, but like most pirates and spacers in general, they want knowledge about their ships and how to fix it. If they can find a good teacher then it is very common,” said Lucius Silvanus as he started to walk around and look closely at the training room. When he started to design the ship he wanted to create a large training space in order to have both general training as well as combat boarding. On all the ships he served on, both pirate and civilian they never had one. On his last cruise when training as a prize crew leader like Paul he always found it hard to really train and prepare. Most ships would use the cargo bay, but, it was not very useful and could not easily be reconfigured. In his studies in perpetration for his first cruise as a pirate captain, he learned that boarding was the hardest and least practiced aspect. He read countless reports about either failed or mismanaged boarding. Now, finally seeing his idea at work he was glad he sacrificed the third bay for the space. In addition, he was happy, for Paul was using it much better. His work surpassed his best hopes for the space.

“Well, Paul it looks like you got it covered, once we complete the cruise I would like to get with you and review the design, see what you liked and what did not work. Honestly, you have done more with this space than I ever imagined.”

“Thanks Boss, I felt spoiled that I have a space like this. It means I can really train, but I also now need to be able to complete the job.”

“Of course, we are here together to get the job done.”

“Would not have it any other way,” said a grinning Paul.


“Hey, Cicero glad you could finally make it.”

“For you Kamakura I aim to please.”

” Cicero Severus your smooth talk is lost on me as you know. So is it the same girl as last week or have you already moved on again?” For Julia this has always only been one person for her, now he was her captain.

“Well, since they cannot compare to you Kamakura I must keep searching.”

“Hey love birds get a room or shut up!” said Titus the ship’s third in command and leader of a prize crew.

“Titus, I would like to get a room, but they are hard to find on this ship,” responded Cicero.

“The rumors I hear you do not find it hard at all but now that you are here we can maybe get some work done,” said Titus.

For the last few weeks reports had been coming in from Mars and other sources. This compiled with their passive scans gave them a pretty good view of what was going on.

“First up we have the Byjack ship DDR2, it is behind schedule, reports are of engine failure. Based on their current course they will fall out of our primary window. In addition the reports are saying the damage or failure is pretty severe and may need a proper dock,” reported Julia.

“I agree, I think they will fall further behind and may need a rescue,” said

“I agree, let’s move to the next ship,” from Titus

“Ships 3, 4, 6, 7 and 9-13 are still on track. Ship 5 and 8 are between one to two days behind. Ship 2 is running faster and looks to be ahead of schedule. Nobody is certain but they might have turned rouge or been bought off by another company.”

“It does happen every now and then,” said Titus.

“Can they attack the Profit Miner 2?” asked Cicero now fully focused on the task at hand.

“The numbers say it is possible, you can check them if you want, but it is a long shot and the crews and weapons do not line up. I think it will be something, but should not involve us,” responded Julia Kamakura.

“Ok, now how about the hunters since you have covered the prey,” said Titus.

“Easy tiger, I got them here, there is no current change to the three UN patrol craft and only a slight change to the American privateer, it is heading more sunward than before.”

“So your recommendation to the Captain and Aetius Aurelius is that we maintain our current plan?” asked Titus.

“Overall, yes, that is what I would say,”

“And you Cicero, you agree?”asked Titus

“Yes, I agree we proceed as planned.”

“Good, I will take it to Aurelius and the Captain and you two can continue to flirt.”

“Well, off you go then and enjoy, for I know I will now,” said Severus to a leaving Titus.

“You really do not like him, do you?” asked Kamakura.

“I like him just fine, but at times he puts on a lot of attitude which I do not like. He is clearly trying to get ahead which is fine, we all are, but he will sell us out if it gives him even a minor advantage.”

“You are probably right, the rumor is he is a very good officer and all around pirate, but not willing to make the big calls so he stays second rate.”

“Anyway, I would like to run a few tracks with you, I think the UN will need to react to ship 2 the Carson Beauty Miner. If we look at the crew profile a few are ex-pirates. This might cause this patrol ship, UN Austria to vhange to an intercept course, if ship 2 tries to go after ChangKai Hong. ChangKai and Carson are big rivals as well as InterDondalson which six of the crew have worked for at some point. By hurting the Asians then this might help themselves even more.”

“Ok Cicero I will agree with you, but will need some more info. What impact do you see on us?”

“Well, if the Austria changes course, then either the Costa Rica or the Brazil will need to changer accept the risk.”

“Hmmm, I agree, if you have sometime I would like to run a few sims with you?”

“Sure, I have some time now, say around two hours max.”

Pirates of Mars, Sample

Chapter 1

Getting Started

“Good morning, Captain Lucius Silvanus, and thank you for stopping by,” said Commodore Nero.

“Thank you Commodore.”

“As per your request, we agree to issue you a letter of marque and grant you the rights and privileges of the brotherhood of the pirates of Mars. Furthermore, we agree to support your efforts as best we can. Now I understand that you and your crew are almost ready to go?”

“Yes, we are close, now that we are official with the brotherhood we will be loading the additional weapons and equipment. We estimate we will hit space in a few days. We will run a few drills once we leave Phobos then proceed to Atlas station for final arrangements.”

“Good, I assume you have a plan?”

“Of course, we plan to head to the asteroids and see if we can pick up an ice/gas hauler or snag a mining ship.”

“Well, either would be good; we will provide you with the most up to date info on the UN warships, the privateers, and others.”

“Well, that sounds great, now I have got a lot to do so I will see you later,” replied Lucius, straightening his jacket as he headed to the airlock.

“Hey Captain, we are now official like and everything?” asked Cicero Severus, the ship’s navigator, a young outrageously dressed skinny man.

“Yes Cicero, we are now part of the brotherhood.”

“Cool, now I am sure to get more interest from the women, a young and dashing pirate that I am.”

“Oh you are correct in being young, not much on the dashing or pirate side as we have not captured anything yet,” responded the ship’s weapons officer, Julia Kamakura, also young, good looking and very smart.

“Don’t worry, I got a plan, we will be sure to capture something in the next year or two for sure, then you both can claim to be pirates. Now let’s go back to the dock, I assume you both finished your chores?” asked Lucius.

“Sure did boss man, I got the updated charts and information as ordered and she got some more boarding weapons.”

“Good, then let’s go back, I am sure Aetius Aurelius is waiting for us so we can get started on loading the brotherhood weapons.”

The pirate ship, Old Fat Lady was at dock three on the outer secondary arm. On board Aetius Aurelius was waiting patiently as possible for the Captains return since he had the codes and voice print to get the new weapons released. Once they were finally stored and the additional food and water brought on then they could finally leave this pretentious station. Aetius was not impressed by the brotherhood, nor most of the pirates of Mars, while he understood the reason for the eternal war with Earth and was more than happy to fight, he though Mars could and should do better. When he first met Lucius Silvanus many years ago working on the asteroid mining ship Big Tub 3 he did not like him. He though he was stuck up and acted better than everybody else. Most put this down to him being born on Earth, unlike much of the crew. In the middle of the mining run, one of the mining tugs collided with the main ship and caused some damage, during the ensuing chaos caused by the unexpected loss of air and damage to some of the systems Lucius was calm, cool and in control. Still a junior officer at the time he and Aetius were able to reestablish some of the systems and capture some of the escaping air by directing it into an unused cargo bay. These actions helped prolong the mission and were well appreciated by all. Still working on the Tub, he was able to work more and more with Lucius and quickly developed respect for him. Many years later he still respected him and considered him one of his closest friends. Still waiting by reading some reports, he finally heard the sensors announce the Captain and others had finally arrived.

“Welcome back, I hope that,” said Aetius

Holding up his hand a smiling Lucius started walking to the bridge. “I will input the codes and release the weapons, let me know when we are close, will this make you happy?”

“Of course, sir, this will be lovely, just lovely,” responded Aetius Aurelius the first officer of the ship.

A few minutes later a very busy and happy Aetius was starting to prepare to load the weapons with help from Kamakura and some of the crew. Lucius was starting to review some of the new information with Cicero and planning the next few months of action.

“Goldhammer, what is the status of the engines, is the shielding still looking good?”

“Good Cap, they are looking good, I could hope for a little better, but we should emit little traceable radiation from the type 4 nuclear engines. In addition the main and secondary reactors are looking good, we finally were able to clean them up, we will need to monitor them closely once we get underway, but I think we should be fine,” said Goldhammer, the chief engineer and the person in charge of most of the refit for the Old Fat Lady.

“Good, I know the additional reactor was very difficult to work with and not in very good shape, but we need one as you know. If we can pick up a few prizes or just some extra credits, then we will look at a proper overhaul if you think we need it,” responded Silvanus.

“Sounds good, I know we have talked about it often, but I think we will be ok. The program you provided of changing a captured and broken mining ship into a raider was very ambitious. We both know we have some more work to do, but based on your plans to pick off a mining ship then we should be ok. If we head to Earth or Jupiter, then that is another story.”

“I agree, I want to start with something easy, we both have severed on pirates before and know that there is little glamour and lots of work. Most crews start strong, but then become weak due to boredom.”

“I know, one of my old shipmates was captured by a UN ship because they got lazy and once the fight started their systems were not in good shape. My mate was hung on the moon. They put a noose around his neck and then chained his feet. He dropped slowly at first, then when his neck tightened they pulled the chain and killed him. He and the entire remaining crew died that day.”

“I think that will be a valuable lesson to teach some of the others. If we get caught, we will be killed by most.The UN will kill pirates outright or hang them, some of the mercenaries will do the same or much worse.”

Four hours later Aetius Aurelius reported in. “Captain we are about two more hours on the new weapons. We will need three to four hours after that to shift a few things and get them secured. I would now like to get the last of the food, water and stores on board.”

“All right Aurelius, make it happen, I have one last meeting to go to and I think Octavia does as well. Once we get the remaining food and stuff on board, keep the crew on the ship, I want to be ready to break dock in six to seven hours.” After ending the call with Aetius he followed up with Octavia, the ship’s communication officer as well purser and accountant.

“Octavia, you still need to finalize a few things right?”

“Yes, Captain, once we are about a six hours out I can start to finalize and shut down our remaining accounts here.”

“Good, I talked to Aetius and we are looking around seven hours now. I will be going to one last meeting with with the brotherhood to confirm the weapons.”

“Ok, I can leave here whenever so just let me know a few minutes early and I will come with you. I would also like to bring Paul with me.”

“Sure thing, I will let him know, it will be about two hours, see you then.”

The Old Fat Lady was now a ship of beauty, deadly beauty. The war with Earth had been going on for decades with no end in sight. Over that time some ships were captured by both sides. Those ships that could be reused where. Early in the fight each group of builders and users started to develop unique items and protocols for each of their ships. The Old Fat Lady was no exception, she was highly customized by her first and later second owners. Her third owner was a near bankrupt mining outfit trying to make a quick profit, instead they were an easy capture. Once they were brought back to Mars various people inspected the ship, but decided not to use it. It sat for almost ten years before a young and rich owner came along, Captain Lucius Silvanus. During his previous cruise as a pirate he was made prize captain of a ship which he lead the capture of. On his way back to Mars he was able to also capture a mining ship that recently suffered a serious accident. He and his two prize ships with skeleton crews on board were able to outrun the pursuing ship and make it back to Mars. His share of the prize money was very large. He decided to buy the Old Fat Lady and convert her to a warship.

The large, bulky cargo containers along with the open netting and frames were removed and sold. The bridge was also removed and sold. The frame and engines was all that was left. Silvanus had these upgraded and refurbished. In addition, he clad the entire ship in asteroid armor. Every ship that came back to Mars from the belt had a large amount of scrape rock that was either poor quality or it was rubbish. He used this waste and reshaped and heated it in order to cast it into large scale like armor plate two meters thick. These overlapping plates burned to a deep black formed the hull of the new ship. An additional nuclear reactor, salvaged from another ship was added. Standard missile tubes and defense laser were the primary weapons. Improved brotherhood missiles were now being loaded for these. The ship was designed for war with four extra missile tubes, more than most, the Old Fat Lady carried twelve. Six forward and six on the stern. In addition, eight surface mounted point defenses guns, each shooting steel rounds, were located at the bow and stern as well. For its size it was a very powerful ship. The wedge shaped front part followed by a long defensive tail made it look like a stingray or some other type of ocean creature. At 330 meters long, 40 meters wide and 20 meters high it was a remarkable and untested design.

“Captain, the ship is ready to depart,” reported Aetius Aurelius

“Good, bring the thrusters online and prepare to clear the dock,” order Captain Silvanus.

“Thrusters are now online, port control has us cleared for departure on lane 3a,” reported Aetius.

“Very good, Cicero, engage the main thrusters 10% and move us to lane 3a.”

“Thrusters are at 10% and holding. We will enter lane 3a in, 3, 2, 1. Now rotating to 180×180 per comms port.”

“Very good nav, once we hit point 3 all ahead full.”

“Passing point 3 now, going to all ahead full on the thrusters,” reported Severus a few minutes later..

“Goldhammer, how are things on your end?” asked Silvanus

“We are looking good, everything is in the green, main engines are online and ready for build up.”

“Good, once we pass point 12 we will open her up again.”

About one hour later they passed point 12.

“Captain, message from the port,” said Octavia.

“Thanks, put it on screen.”

“Good day Captain, just wanted to see you off and wish you good hunting, you are now clear of the zone,” said Commodore Nero standing in the main control room.

“Thank You Commodore, for Mars,” responded Silvanus before ending the transmission. “Ok Goldhammer, let’s see what you have done this time, Cicero start the build on the main engines, set course plan delta epsilon 56.”

“Copy Captain, starting to build on engines, the course is set at delta epsilon 56.”

Turning to look around Silvanus was happy to see everything and everybody as they should be. The first test flight last E month things could of gone better, this time they were and he was starting to get happy. “Aurelius, give them about an hour or so, then start on some drills. We have long voyage and need to get better.”

“Of course, sir, I have a few simple ones in mind to start off with,” responded a smiling Aetius Aurelius.

Pirates of Mars

cover final 14

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Russia, rough draft

Hope you liked the first part of the rough draft, next part is on Russia and the plans for invasion.  Enjoy


Marshal Vitaly Igorovick Malevich, undisputed and supreme leader of the Russian Federation was still reading reports late at night. The first of the new major units were starting to come through the rift gate from Unity 3. The agreement of a few weeks ago with the Union of Eternal Guidance and the Hellfists were acting as good as promised. Advanced weapons and training was now taking place on Unity 3, a new permanent liaison position under the command of Colonel Trotsky was overseeing events. In addition a new Hellfist and Russian think tank was being set up to allow for the creation of ultra secret plans that could not be spied upon by anybody not on the planet. The advanced weapons were more powerful than any other Earth military had, in addition, they were not so advanced that the average solider could not easily learn them. The need to rapidly train and retrain the Russian military played a large role in the weapon selections for the first round of trading.   Soon once the advance was started, then the military would slowly add more and more advanced weapons. The best part of the agreement besides the Union being very similar to communist was the main item they wanted was oil, something Russia had more than enough to give away.

The first group of trainers for the advanced PW56 hand held rail guns were now at their units. The first logistics hovercraft had also arrived. While not glorious looking or special like the one the Orion’s used to conquer South Africa a few weeks ago, they would be hugely important for a country the size of Russia. In addition the small rift gate fortress was now operational. There was still a lot of work to be done, but it was already starting to help take pressure off of the mobile forces. Soon a new day would dawn in Russia, with the help of their off world allies, Russia would be able to resurrect the Soviet Union and become the leader of Humanity on a divided Earth.


“Pyotr Grigoryevich, it is now mid January what is the progress, will we still be able to make the updated schedule or should we delay up to one week?” asked Marshal Malevich.

General of the Army Pyotr G. Stolypin was the Marshal right hand man and was overseeing both the efforts with the Union of Eternal Guidance, he was the point man for the first set of negotiations in Siberia as well as visiting of Unity 3 and meeting with Base Commander Kiki. “Marshal we have so far received 360 of the 400 walkers, all 80 of the TR34 recon units, 180 of the 200 TA467 ground combat units and 100 of the 120 TF25 anti-air units. In addition, to the 600 hover craft we have all 40 HCL123 light cargo holders, 90 of 120 HMl59 medical units, 200 of 240 HCM44 medium cargo holders and around 160 of the tanker units. Now we are currently modifying some of the tankers to have a wider variety of hoses and connections, this will help us use them in a wider role. We are expecting most of the others in the next week or two.   Of the PW56s hand held weapons we have over 40,000. There has been some delay in getting these through and it is more of a traffic jam than anything else, I have delayed some of the smaller items until we have some of the larger units through. Most of the remaining 56s are near the rift gate and are steadily moving across. So far we have provided Central Operational Strategic Command with 10,000 PW56s, no walkers and 200 hovercraft from the first group as planned. Southern Command has 20,000 PW56s, 100 hovercraft and no walkers as planned. Western Command has the rest, 10,000 rail guns, 360 walkers and 200 hover craft. All the remaining items will be delivered to the Western command as per your orders. If needed, we can have the Southern Command move earlier.”

“What is the status of the Southern Units are they ready or not?”

“General Orlov, if you will,” said Stolypin

Colonel General Grigory Pavelevich Orlov commander of the Sothern Operational Strategic Command was very well built and crisp looking man. Recently promoted to Colonel General following the purge of the late President Kirov he was eager to get the war started and began his review as soon as promoted. “The 58th Army mostly ready, we can use a few more days, but anything after that will be not needed. The 19th and 693rd Motor Rifle Regiments are in the prelaunch position and are training daily with their new toys. The 429th has only received the new weapons a few days ago, so they are still getting used to the way they work. The 136th Guards are ready in all respects, I toured them yesterday to double check. During the last two weeks we can continue to crack down and have removed over 300 officers and senior sergeants, petty officers and others.   We have another 500 that we are watching closely. The 141st Tank Battalion is in pretty good shape, we are integrating the hovercraft into this unit more than the others in order to boost its speed of advance.”

“I would agree a few more days will be good for you, we must strike hard, fast and efficient, and we cannot afford a long resistance movement nor a guerilla war.   One area we will need to focus on will be the Chechnya resistance. Once we overrun their areas we will send in the Black Berets and have them sweep the area.   What is your view on the success of the main objectives?” asked the Marshal.

“We will punch in fast and hard to Tbilisi, this will take some time to subdue, also thinking long term we do not want to crush the city. Once we have surrounded most of the city other units will be spread out to key areas. A large force will then split off and head to Batumi to ensure that nobody can reinforce by sea. Overall, I think the objects will mostly be met on schedule. The push south into Azerbaijan will be similar; we will cross the border in two key areas, one on the coast and the other inland.   We will push hard to isolate Baku and continue south to seize the remaining key areas. Once we have a few secure routes then we can push south into Iran. One of the wild cards will be Turkey and NATO, if they want to fight or if they will be more defensive. Also, we cannot forget the religious aspects either, the breakdown of the world order may lead to some very different alliances and or infighting. I think that we need to be flexible on what we try to do. We made major mistakes in Afghanistan as the Soviet Union because we did not understand.”

“I would agree with most of what you have said, with the invasion everything has changed so we also must realize what we can and cannot do. Plus, we need to ensure that we do not drain our national resources for little gain. Now General what about the Central Command, are we ready to move into Kazakhstan and the other former Republics?”

“Sir, we . . .

Second Book, working draft

I hope you enjoy, below is part of the working draft relating to the Trade Federation, some names are missing but will be added.

Trade Federation.
“Ok everybody grab a seat, I asked everybody here in order to review the war, our plans for earth and more. I think we have all seen the reports but want to review them and get your thoughts so far. So a basic review, the Golden Imperial Empire invaded Earth, they have killed 30 million so far. It looks like the colony of Draco is now established and pretty secure. They suffered more casualties than expected, but not too bad overall. Our allies the Lightgivers are fighting some, but look alright with Draco. They are building some heavy defenses now. Most of this is close to the original plans. Some unexpected parts would be the interest of the other races. The invasion by the Orion’s was very impressive as expected and if the reports are to be believed may lead to some major changes fin Africa. Overall, they continue to attack, but the lands are not of much concern. Rumor is they seek to create a large enclave, but nothing too big or hard to control. I think the main concern for the next few months will be the partnership of the Russians and the Union of Eternal Guidance. They look to attack in Europe, which will lead to a major war in that area. This combined with the Chinese actions which we will need to deal with sooner than later could lead to a near total collapse of the planet’s economy. While the role of greater humanity is unknown, past recessions have taken a very long time to run their course. If the collapse is too great then the value of the planet and the people will be much less and we could see Earth become a backwater instead of the center of a new human empire. Based on this idea I think we need to take a much more active role in the defense of Europe,” said Jjbeb Orson, head of the Orson Cartel.
“Yes, I see your concern, we do not know how’s strong the economy really is, also if soon after contact with Greater humanity the planet suffers so much then they are more liable to hate all of us which leads to major long term issues,’ said FFFFF
“We can count on the Americans to fight, but there force will be limited over the long run. Great Britain looks to fight some, but based on major domestic issues will be of limited value. In the center of Europe only three main nations look to have much of an impact, Poland, Germany and France. Of the three only France has nuclear weapons. I think the pre invasion information is still valid which shows that only Germany and Poland would fight very hard. If we look to support both Poland and Germany than we will need to consider the type of aid. Poland could be quickly overrun, if nothing else most of the industry will be of little value. On the other hand Germany has better long term prospects. We might be able to even create a few joint interest companies and produce some of the weapons and other items on Earth,” said GGGG
“How about the British, they are developing a combat walker that we should be able to easily improve. This then can be given to others and would be a good compromise of our different technologies,” said WWWW
“I think these all have good points, and we will pursue these. We will need to see what other cartels, we can get on board as well. In the near term I want you to go and talk to the Germans and the Polish, also might as well talk to the English. Get with our military suppliers and see what weapons we can get moving right away. I think the war will happen soon now and we need to get things started,”said Jjbeb.

18 hours later a very tired FFFF was shown into the temporary meeting room of SENIOR in Noosaville, on the Sunshine Coast in Australia. The tourist area north of Brisbane in Queensland, while normally starting to quiet down at the end of the school holidays was bursting with activity. The arrival of the Trade Federation rift gate opened for intergalactic trade was the reason. “Greeting my fellow delegate, I was surprised to see you so soon,” said Senior.
” Greeting great speaker, it was soon than expected, but Jjbeb was ready to move and so I am here.”
“Yes, my older brother can at times be rather quick. I assume it is in response to Russia and China?”
“Yes, for now mostly Russia, I need to meet with the government of Germany, Poland and England. We are offering weapons and more to start with. What would you recommend at this point. I think the normal ways might be a bit slow.”
“I agree, please have a seat, and we can work something out. Now let me see, England will not be an issue, after all Australia is part of the British Commonwealth and has the same monarch King William. The other two, Germany would be easier, we have a host of Germany companies here and a few senior members of the government. We can also ask the ambassador. To come up from the capital, it is a short flight. If you want to something over the communication lines, then we have many more options.”
” I think we need to start with person to person and then move on. I do not wish to get in your way,but also I do not want to go to Europe right now, I do not think many of them are ready for our kind.”
“Ok, I will agree to that, are there any new order from my brother?”
“Nothing new was given to me, but I do have a dispatch for you. I apologize for not bringing it up earlier.”
After reading the dispatch via a cybernetic data point Senior, returned to the discussion at hand. No changes of major value. Most are related to your efforts. I will assign an aide Qqqq to help you, also I would recommend a few of your staff as well. Now I will contact the Germans, British and the Polish. Do you wish to talk to them separate or together?”
“I think together, will the language be an issue?”
“No the trade staff can handle that easily enough. Later we might need to get some more staff that are stronger in each country. Ok, give me a few minutes and I will let you know. Please refresh yourself at the staff lounge. Also, if you like, feel free to walk the local beach, I can arrange a driver and companion if you like,” said Senior as he ended the discussion.

Fort on Unity 3

fort 1


Just wanted to show a simple working image for the Fortress on Unity 3.  The Green spheres on the walls are weapon emplacements. access to the fort is via a few narrow causeways. Hope you enjoy.


Working city image

border 1a

Happy New Year, a few weeks late, I have been working slowly, but wanted to add an image of a working model for the border fight in book 1.

Trying to work on some simple animation as well, let me know what you think.

Release 1.1 out now on Amazon

Aloha again, just wanted to let you know that I have updated Book 1, i added around 7000 new words, so 85,000 total.  Also fixed some of the poor grammar.  It is now on Amazon and smashwords.  I am still working on book 2, only about 20% right now.  Any ideas would be great.